Furfooz nature reserve

Réserve de Furfooz - domaine de Bonsoy

Located not far from Dinant, the Furfooz nature reserve will take you on a 4-kilometer route in the heart of a bucolic area steeped in tranquility.

The archaeological, natural and geological heritage of the Furfooz nature reserve will make you appreciate its historical as well as botanical aspects.

The caves of Furfooz

Excavated by the Lesse , the caves of the nature reserve of Furfooz were occupied by humans millennia ago. It is assumed that they were inhabited over 14,000 years ago!

A visit to the galleries and caves of Furfooz is a must! With their striking names, the Trou du grand Duc , Trou des Nutons and Trou du Frontal will take you to see the underground branch where the Lesse passes! & Nbsp;

A historical gem for archaeologists, the Furfooz cave was full of objects that have proven the presence of man, remains of great value!

A hike in the heart of nature

The 4 to 5 km long trails that run through the Furfooz nature reserve have long, grueling climbs in store for you. You will have the opportunity to stop at 14 must-see spots, enough to enjoy a break between two climbs! The thermal baths , the plateau and the F lobette alternate with panoramas over the Lesse valley , the local fauna and a flora that the wind makes vibrate to the rhythm of the seasons! & nbsp;

Preserved park, it is the association Ardenne et Gaume which has the mission of safeguarding this landscape and historical heritage , in the same way as a hundred of other reserves in Wallonia. The reserve is located about twenty minutes from Domaine de Bonsoy – Hastière .

The thermal baths of Furfooz

The Roman baths destroyed and then restored in the 1950s will take you on a journey through time. Rebuilt on the original foundations, you will be able to contemplate the judicious operation of the ancestor of our wellness centers and … central heating! & Nbsp;

Powered by an underground wood-fired fireplace , a network of brick pipes was used to heat the water in the basins. To prevent condensation from bothering swimmers, gutter systems have been designed so that the drops trickle down to the ground. Cold, warm or hot baths are spread over two rooms and give their visitors the desire for a good moment of relaxation!

La Flobette and its artisanal restoration

To quench your thirst, taste a local beer or dine with small artisan dishes, the Flobette welcomes you halfway along your route. Be curious and taste the suggestions of the owner! Indeed, his creativity and his knowledge allow him to offer dishes cooked from wild plants and seasons! To be tasted afterwards in your accommodation, at Bird House d’Hastière ;

tour de la reserve de Furfooz

Le trou de Furfooz

Forfouz proche de Dinant et des bungalow du Bonsoy

la reserve naturelle de FURFOOZ

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