The Lesse valley

La vallée de la Lesse passe par le Domaine de Bonsoy

A waterway that crosses the two Belgian provinces of Luxembourg and Namur, the Lesse valley offers countless activities to do alone, with friends or with family. Its bed of 89 kilometers stretches from Ochamps to Anseremme where the river flows into the Meuse. Known for its descent by kayak or canoe, near the Mosane town of Dinant , the Lesse valley is also a route where you can enjoy castles, caves, bridges and dams from its shore, suitable for horseback riding or hiking.

A bucolic and preserved landscape

Forests and wet meadows bordering the banks of the Lesse valley offer a natural spectacle and unspoiled landscape. Kingfishers, beavers and other peregrine falcons frequent its banks with exceptional forest massifs. Elm, oak, ash, maple or thorny thickets alternate with the rock faces that overlook the entire route of the Lesse valley to Anseremme.

A river both peaceful and wild, the Lesse offers a winding course where the water has carved out numerous caves, true cradles of humanity that you will have the opportunity to visit.

The domain of the caves of Han-sur-Lesse

Known for its immense underground rooms, the area of the caves of Han-sur-Lesse has entered the pantheon of favorite tourist sites for Walloons. An underground gem for geology enthusiasts, the Han Caves are suitable for the whole family. Natural site, it shelters an animal park made up of animals which inhabit or have populated this fantastic region. Adapted to the seasons, each resident can observe himself in his natural habitat. Wolves and brown bears are just two of the hundreds of European species found in more than 250 hectares of forests. Also, its PrehistoHan museum will transport you into the history of humanity.

Furfooz park

For lovers of walks, the infrastructure of the Furfooz park is the ideal spot to observe many other archaeological and historical remains of the Lesse valley. The Trou des Nutons and Trou du Frontal caves can be visited during a hike punctuated by the ruins of medieval fortresses, walls and other Roman thermal baths to be appreciated during a guided tour.

The villages of the Lesse valley

Daverdisse, Han-sur-Lesse, Houyet and Anseremme are four of the most famous and frequented villages that border the Lesse valley. Among the must-see archaeological sites to visit, think of the Lorette-Rochefort caves as well as the Chaleux hole and needles in Houyet. Not far from there, make a passage through the village of Celles and its castle of Vêves, dating from the 15th century and whose magical imprint is worth the detour. The royal castle of Ciergnon also offers guided walks between 6 and 7 kilometers through the hunting lodges and gardens laid out during the reign of Leopold I. Finally, the castle of Walzin located in Dréhance, near Dinant, overlooks the valley of the Lesse from a rocky peak of 50 meters.

Hikes along the water

The Lesse valley offers multiple activities for athletes of all levels. Kayak or canoe descents are offered on a 12 or 21 kilometer course depending on your motivation but above all depending on the season and the water level. Also consult the vast catalog of agencies and clubs that offer horseback riding, hiking or cycling along the RAVel between Houyet and Jemelle. With climbs of up to 300 meters in altitude and passages under natural tunnels through the rock, the walk is punctuated by picnic areas, viewpoints but also infrastructure where to eat with products. terroir.

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