The Bocq brewery

Want to visit one of the few family breweries still operating in Belgium? Stop by the Brasserie Du Bocq ! And if this name doesn’t ring a bell, let’s start from the beginning!

Located in the village of Purnode , in the town of Yvoir in the province of Namur , 10 minutes from Dinant , a magnificent renovated farmhouse has been hosting the facilities of the Belot family since 1858 .

More than 150 years have served the family know-how , artisanal and varied beers now on all the tables of a beer oenologist who respects himself and … who is more precisely called a zythologist ! 

Blanche de Namur, Gauloise brun, Saint-Benoît, Applebocq and Redbocq, Saison Regal or even Triple Moine will no longer hold any secrets for you once you have enjoyed a guided tour within this jewel that is the Brasserie du Bocq!

Whether on the table or strong, with a variety of colors, aromas, bitterness and also density, the beers from Brasserie du Bocq are increasingly exported ! 

Without losing its family nature and, above all, artisanal , today it is the Keersmaekers family which continues the brewing and the natural filtration specific to this essential Condruz brewery.  

Awarded with numerous prizes such as the Gold Medal Brussels Beer Challenge 2019 and the Mixology Taste Forum 2016 Winner , the Du Bocq brewery continues to be talked about. since it is expanding its operating site in Yvoir to distribute its growing activity over two different infrastructures !  

Brewing and natural filtration, fermentation and aging, filtration and canettering, racking and second fermentation in the bottle are the stages of brewing specific to this family brewery. During your visit, you can follow all the brewing phases before enjoy a beer at the brewery or at the Bungalows du Bonsoy !

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