The “Caracole” brewery

A passage through the province of Namur cannot be done without a detour through the Belgian craft brewery established in Falmignoul near the city of Dinant in the province of Namur , I named the Caracole !

Founded in 1765, the Caracole brewery was born from the Moussoux family. Brewers from father to son, the Caracole brewery was the delight of several generations of Dinantais until 1939 when, following bad weather, the building suffered heavy damage.

Taken over until 1971 by Mr. Lamotte, it did not yet have the sweet name we know it today! Caracole, coming from the Latin “snail” gave its name to the craft beer taken over by François T tab. This Namur resident at heart will have had the honor of celebrating the 250th anniversary of the old Brasserie Moussoux. To celebrate, he released a brand new beer: the Fameuse 1765.

Brasserie but also museum and tasting room , the Brasserie Caracole invites you for a drink .. . or more ! Come and taste the varieties of organic beers which meet the “European” labels of green color and leaf shape and Nature and Progress .

Resulting from the respect of a strict charter, the Nature et Progrès label also rubs shoulders with the Belgian Beer Paradise label. This is a collective mark used only by members of Union des Brasseries belges ! Enough to convince you to go and quench your thirst in Falmignoul 10 minutes from Domaine du Bonsoy !

Among the derivatives of the Caracole, the brewery offers the curious public to also taste the Saxo , the Nostradamus and the Troublette .

Finally, the diversity of recipes and their rich taste have led this new generation of brewers to offer professionals and individuals to personalize ranges of beer . You will be able to enjoy the varieties that the brewery has composed for customers with ideas as special as their beers. La Bouffonne, La Hic, Jeu de Bulle, l’Épatante, La Casta or Belgium Underground can only inspire you with new beers to customize. To be enjoyed in moderation in the cocooning du Bird House lounge;

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