The Castle of Veves

Chateau de Veves proche du Domaine de Bonsoy

Have you always wanted to feel like a fairytale knight or princess? Now is the time to take a look at Vêves Castle ! & Nbsp;

Located at Celles , near the domaine du Bonsoy , the Vêves castle would have been built in the year 600. Destroyed in 1200 and rebuilt thereafter, it will undergo a series of historical transformations which resulted in the fairy silhouette that we know today.

Considered as one of the most beautiful medieval castles in Belgium and sacred favorite built heritage of the Walloons , the castle of Vêves is still inhabited nowadays by the heirs of the Liedekerke-Beaufort family. At the origin of the current look, inside and out, this noble family opens the doors of their residence to visitors, curious and dreamy! & Nbsp;

Fun tours for children

18th century furniture , historical memories, rare porcelain and paintings give it a magical dimension . Renowned for its resemblance to the luxurious castles from our childhood tales, Vêves Castle offers children fun activities and role playing ! & Nbsp;

Treasure hunt , chivalrous ceremonies, medieval dances and rewards to children for their bravery will also amuse parents.

A fairy tale in the heart of Celles

If the fairy tale of the Château de Vêves has whetted your appetite and you need to recover from your emotions, take the liberty of visiting the charming village of Celles a few minutes from the Bungalows du Bonsoy .

Collegiate church, hermitage, small squares and traditional settlements will continue to awaken your senses in the hours following your spontaneous visit to the castle of Vêves! Because yes, indeed the visits of the so magical domain are made … without appointment ! & Nbsp;

Present yourself spontaneously at the grandiose gate of the castle and give the noble inhabitants time to open their doors to you.

Get ready for a visit to the heart of a castle worthy of Sleeping Beauty!

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