The Caves of Han and the Domain of the Caves of Han

Domaine des grottes de han

If you fancy a stay immersed in nature with activities as diverse as they are educational, the Caves of Han area is for you!

Accommodation in tents in the trees or even easier at domaine du Bonsoy < / a> nearby, visits to the animal park , a trip to the origins of the world and special visits are waiting for you!

Exploring the Caves of Han

First UNESCO Global Geopark in Belgium, the Caves of Han allow you to explore underground galleries dug by nature itself up to 110 meters below ground level . Equipped with LEDs and wooden fittings for a walking circuit, the course created naturally by the Lesse invites you to a grandiose natural spectacle which has earned the Domaine de Han 3 stars in the Michelin guide !

The sound and light show as well as the museum adjoining the Caves will take you on a journey of several thousand years to the center of the Earth! As a group or as a family, do not hesitate to experience an adventure like no other!

Unspoiled flora and fauna

The commitment of the domain of the caves of Han allows preserving wild nature as well as giving pleasure to its visitors! With the seasons, nature evolves and can be observed in all its splendor without the human impact disturbing spring species in full awakening or autumn game in search of love!

European fauna and local flora are also on display to educate visitors about the reintroduction of endangered species . Wolves, lynx or bears will impress you as much as they move you!

An authentic night in a Tree Tent

If you’ve always dreamed of sleeping in a tree , now is the time to book an overnight stay in one of the Tree Tents in the Caves of Han Estate . Almost as cozy as the Bird House at Bungalows du Bonsoy ;

A lover of escape and perched in a tree, you can contemplate the vast valley of the Lesse . Awakened to the sound of seductive nature , share the intimacy of deer, fallow deer, aurochs, Przewalski horses or mouflons for a night in the heart of nature!

An extended stay at Cocoon Village

Finally, in order not to lose any of the warm local welcome, extend your stay in the Cocoon Village near Dinant Bonsoy . Composed of tents and cozy beds , you will be awakened by the call of a hearty breakfast made with local products ! In total immersion, you will have the opportunity to experience precious moments in harmony with peaceful and unspoiled nature !

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