The Molignée rail bike

Les draisines de la Moulignée - Rail Bike Moulignee

You had heard or already experienced kayaking, mountain biking, hiking or horseback riding! But have you ever tried the rail bike? If you haven’t yet, don’t wait to discover the joys of pedaling on cuistax sur rails !  

Meet at Falaën , about twenty minutes from domaine du Bonsoy </ a >, for the big departure! On an old railway line in the province of Namur, the Molignée draisines offer round-trip routes along the Molignée valley, between Falaën and Maredsous.

Everyone is welcome, including your pets on a leash, including on your pedal car !  

The routes by draisine

Three itineraries are available to take you through wooded areas, in the heart of small rustic villages or in the direction of the abbey and brewery of Maredsous !

De Warnant à Falaën

From Warnant to Falaën, the path is very wooded. Appreciated for its bucolic aspect, this 8 km route passes through two tunnels and several bridges. Along the river, the course will allow you to appreciate the ruins of the castle of Montaigle which overhangs you with all its masterful power! Allow between 1h30 and 2 hours for the round trip. Generally, travelers take a break near Falaën station.

From Falaën to Maredsous

This route of an average duration of 3h30 will take you through many rustic villages such as that of Sosoye classified among one of the most Beautiful Villages of Wallonia from which you will have an ideal view of its limestone plateau. On this course of 6 kilometers , you will be able to contemplate the nets dug in the rock by the old builders of the railway which you are treading. 

A 20-minute walk to Maredsous Abbey will allow you to cool off. A visit to the brewery is also possible but not compulsory! However, it would be a shame to miss the hour-long tour of this historic monastery! Finally, get back in the saddle and set off for new adventures before a good rest at Bird House !

De Warnant à Maredsous

This route is the largest of the three routes offered. It is 14 kilometers in length and takes place in two stages. It combines the two previous routes into one and lasts more or less 5h30 ! This timing obviously includes breaks at each station but also the optional visit to the Abbey of Maredsous!

Slow or fast! Do not panic !  

At the speed of god’s fire or contemplatives, fear not! Of course, you will not be able to overtake another railcar. On the other hand, all you have to do is … swap a draisine ! Simply !  

Then ? Convinced? Don’t hesitate any longer and book online a course on Les Draisines de la Molignée with family, friends or in a group .


draisines de la molignée - rail bike

Rail bike Molignee

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