The ruins of Montaigle

Located in the village of Falaën in the province of Namur, the ruins of the fortified castle of Montaigle invite its visitors to travel back in time . Built in the 14th century and then destroyed, its remains still stand today on a rocky outcrop. Overlooking the valley of the Molignée and Flavion on the other, 18km from the domaine du Bonsoy , the visit will also take you through the ages thanks to its Museum which suggests that a prehistoric past remains to be discovered under these stones which seem eternal!

The ruins of castles of Montaigle

The ruins occupy the top of a limestone massif of 160 meters . Their majestic aspect gives the valley an enchanting touch imprint of grandeur and beauty. Today considered to be a majestic vestige, it is its defense function that particularly appreciated the populations who frequented it during their lifetime.

From Antiquity to the Middle Ages , the history of this fortress spanned both the Iron Age and the Lower Empire. Notorious archaeological site , the ruins of the rock of Montaigle have been the subject of studies allowing to find flint , traces of wooden huts, belt buckles or still handfuls of swords from bygone times!

In 900, a castle of which only a few walls remain, seems to have been erected. Future constructions were then fabricated by rulers in search of defense and attack. Square tower then reconstruction of several new castles will gradually see its military function fade. Then became a place of residence and finally major heritage of Wallonia , the history of ruins of the castle of Montaigle still hides many others secrets of which only time is the guardian !

The archaeological museum

Covering an area of 100 m2 , the Museum of the ruins of the Rocher de Montaigle looks back on the entire history of a major archaeological site in Wallonia . Timeline, archaeological excavations and display cases will allow you to appreciate the grandeur of the place. Old crossbow bolts, cannonballs, tools, crockery, medals, coins, stained-glass windows, paving tiles, slates and even jewelry stand alongside the architectural designs of the fortified castle.

And if the ruins still exude all their power today, it is thanks to a monumental restoration and conservation program exhibited in the Montaigle museum. Monument still in peril due to its geological situation, many Namur and Dinant associations are flocking to help with the plan for the conservation and enhancement of the ruins.

By visiting the ruins of Montaigle Castle , you will not only be walking in the footsteps of historical mysteries. But you will also indirectly participate in the rescue of the fortified castle of Montaigle. Earthworks, consolidation, out of water or even redevelopment of traffic paths and cultural enhancement are just some of the missions of the Friends of Montaigne Asbl association !

Finally, cultural summer events and extracurricular activities make it a gem that will delight the whole family during a stay at Bird House d’Hastière ;

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