The ruins of Poilvache castle

The ruins of Poilvache represent the largest fortified area in the Meuse valley . Located in the village of Houx, in the 12th century they constituted a borough housing both a town and a castle!

Emerald in Poilvache!

Spread over nearly 3 hectares , the castle first called “Emerald” changed its name following a military ruse dating from the fourteenth century ! Then besieged, the inhabitants went out in search of livestock, had been captured by the Dinantais. To go unnoticed, some assumed the appearance of prisoners by donning their clothing, while others dressed in animal skins and accompanied by herds of cattle managed to enter the fortress. Hence the change of name from Emeraude to Poilvache!

A spectacular panorama

Visiting the ruins of the Château de Poilvache has a big surprise in store for you. Overlooking the Haute-Meuse valley 5 kilometers from Dinant, the viewpoint will allow you to contemplate Isle of Houx and the Meuse from the Tower du Midi .

But it is also the spontaneous walks , the visit of the city and the fortress that will amuse young and old after a good rest at Bird House de Hastière !

Its remains, preserved in a unique setting, are the subject of guided tours in partnership with the Bungalows du Bonsoy . Following in the footsteps of the great historical facts that the ruins of the castle of Poilvache are careful not to reveal, specialists and historians will easily guess the medieval atmosphere and the particular atmosphere of this ecclesiastical city long linked to the ‘ Floreffe Abbey .

A historical and ecological heritage

The ruins of the Poilvache fortress as well as the surrounding land have been recognized as Major Heritage of Wallonia. From the fortress, once you descend into the small village of Houx, you will have the pleasure of observing the steep slopes of the Réserve Naturelle Domaniale de Champalle et de Poilvache .

You can also get there on foot as long as you are wearing walking shoes that grip the sloping terrain. The ruins of Poilvache are located about twenty minutes from domaine du Bonsoy .

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