The Charlemont fort, guardian of Givet for 500 years!

citadelle de Givet - charlemont tout proche de Dinant

Charlemont, joyful guardian of Givet for 500 years! 🎉

Givet, a picturesque little town nestled on the banks of the Meuse, is home to a historic treasure that has watched over it for 500 years: Charlemont, also called the citadel of Givet. This imposing fortress, with its stone walls and majestic towers, has stood the test of time as a vigilant guardian of the city. Today we celebrate this exceptional anniversary and delve into the colorful history of Charlemont, which has contributed so much to the would they Given.

Charlemont: a historic guardian of Givet!

The history of Charlemont dates back to the year 1521, when Emperor Charles V ordered the construction of this fortress to protect the borders of the Empire against enemy invasions. Since then, Charlemont has been a silent witness to the evolution of Givet. All generations have admired its imposing beauty and been fascinated by its history. It has seen moments of war and peace, occupation and liberation, but it has remained there, proud and strong, as a constant reminder of the city’s historical heritage.

Charlemont is much more than just a fortified castle. It has become a symbol of Givet’s pride and identity. Throughout the years, it has been the location of numerous cultural events, festivals and celebrations which have brought together the Givet community. Locals fondly remember the moments shared around Charlemont, the dazzling fireworks that lit up the night sky, the open-air theater shows and the music concerts that resonated in the castle courtyard. Charlemont has become the beating heart of the city.

Let’s celebrate 500 years of joy in Charlemont!

Today, we proudly celebrate 500 years of Charlemont in Givet! This is the perfect opportunity to delve into the rich and captivating past of this fortress. Exhibitions, lectures and special guided tours have been organized to commemorate this historic anniversary. The inhabitants of Givet, as well as visitors from far and wide, gather to share their love and admiration for Charlemont.

This celebration is not limited to a simple commemoration of the past, but is also a recognition of the role that Charlemont still plays today in the development of Givet. As a popular tourist spot, it attracts visitors from all over the world, thereby bringing economic vitality to the city. In addition, Charlemont continues to serve as a setting for numerous cultural and festive activities which strengthen the bond between residents.

Charlemont, joyful guardian of Givet for 500 years, is an invaluable treasure for the city and its inhabitants. Beyond the stone walls and imposing towers  this fortress represents the history and soul of Givet. It is the witness of a city which has evolved over the centuries, like the Dinant citadel, but remains deeply attached to its historical roots. So let’s celebrate these 500 years of joy in Charlemont, and hope that this guardian continues to watch over Givet for the next 500 years! 🎉

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