The city of Givet

Located on the Belgian border, on the French side, the town of Givet is a must when you want to extend your vacation under the sign of the land of Ardennes legends. Endowed with a tourist town center with numerous historical monuments, the town of Givet has the very essence of what one expects from a small welcoming French town, peaceful and rich in activities.

Urban heritage of Givet

By motorbike, car or camper van, leave Belgium on the national 96 to arrive, in just a few kilometers, in the historic center of the city of Givet. This small fortified city is not lacking in charm with, at the bends of its alleys, architectural jewels to contemplate or to visit.

The narrow streets of the city are full of surprises at every corner. Small squares and flowery streets rub shoulders with historical remains as well as modern buildings. Go from the Saint Hilaire church to the Récollectines convent, passing by the bridge from which to observe fireworks in summer. The network of small arteries and quays of Givet takes you, day and night, in a relaxed family atmosphere.

Porte de France, Porte de Rancennes and Porte Charbonnière will remind you of the historical events that this city, due to its geographical location, has known over the centuries. Remains of drawbridges, tunnels and ramparts will leave you dreaming.

Citadelle Charlemont and Fort Condé surround the town of Givet with their ramparts and offer unique views over the neighboring plains and the Mosane valley. Nicknamed the Thourfort, the Tour Victoire is a former toll station. Not accessible to the public, its cylinder dating from the 14th and 15th centuries was once an old seigneurial keep which still overlooks the river today.

Nature activities and excursions

Go on an excursion on the Meuse. Solo, you will have the possibility to rent boats without a license. During an organized cruise, enjoy several hours on the water during which you will let yourself be lulled by the night lights of the Givet docks with, who knows, an aperitif as a bonus!

For a single day or for a whole weekend, hikes are organized around a gastronomic theme or in charming accommodation, near the domaine du Bonsoy . Tradition and local products accompany day tourists to discover the countryside surrounding France’s most Walloon city!

By the road of the cottages, by yourself or accompanied by a guide, cross the domain of Mon Bijou by bike. Take advantage of a short or extended stop at the mountain bike relay. To stay or relax there while you get back on the road, it is located in the heart of a bucolic area of 4 hectares. Discover circuits of varying lengths and levels ranging from 9 to 27 kilometers in the direction of Dinant . Let yourself be taken to the valley of Houille or to Pichegru on the heights of the Ardennes massif. Choose to go to the aquatic leisure center or, to finish, to Belgium, located just 1.5 kilometers away via a converted RAVel which ends a loop under the sign of discovery.

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