The Waulsort brickworks: an enchanted rebirth!

The Waulsort brickworks, located in the Namur region of Belgium, has experienced a truly magical renaissance! After years of abandonment, this former industrial site has been transformed into an enchanting place that invites visitors to delve into the heart of brickmaking history. Let’s discover this enchanting and fascinating journey together!

The magical rebirth of La briqueterie de Waulsort!

The Waulsort brickworks was saved from oblivion thanks to a team of enthusiasts who undertook its restoration. This place located at the bottom of the Domaine du Bonsoy, once synonymous with hard work and toil, is now a true enchantment. The red brick buildings have regained all their former splendor, with a touch of modernity which gives them a unique look. Every corner of the brickworks has been designed to transport visitors to a bygone era, where workers were busy shaping the bricks that built our history.

The revival of the Waulsort brickworks also made it possible to create an extraordinary cultural and artistic space. Original and creative exhibitions are regularly offered there, highlighting contemporary art and local talents. Visitors can wander through the different workshops, soak up the special atmosphere there and admire the works exhibited there. It is a true invitation to reverie and discovery, where art and history blend harmoniously.

An enchanting journey to the heart of brickmaking history!

In the heart of the Waulsort brickworks, visitors have the chance to go back in time and discover the secrets of this ancestral industry. Brick-making demonstrations are offered, allowing you to understand the precise and meticulous actions of the workers of yesteryear. Children, for their part, can take part in fun workshops where they have the opportunity to build their own brick, under the watchful eye of the facilitators. It is a unique experience which allows you to delve into the past and perpetuate traditional know-how.

By exploring the different rooms of the brickworks, visitors can also admire a collection of old objects and tools, witnesses to the evolution of this industry. Fascinating anecdotes and stories are told throughout the visit, providing a better understanding of the lives of the workers and the importance of the brickworks in the local economy. It’s a real journey through time, where history comes to life before our amazed eyes.

The brickworks of Waulsort is a magical place that has risen from its ashes to offer visitors a unique and enchanting experience. Between contemporary art, history and ancestral know-how, this jewel of Belgian heritage is a real treasure to discover, just like the Hotels in the Pearl of the Haute Meuse. Whether you are passionate about history, art or simply curious to delve into a bygone past, the Waulsort brickworks invites you to experience an enchanting journey to the heart of brickmaking history. So let yourself be seduced by this magical rebirth and set off to discover this extraordinary place!

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